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Photos submitted by Mike Boissonneault

For permission to reproduce any of these images or request higher resolution images, please contact

28 men were killed when an avalanche struck the camp

Photos from an avalanche that hit the North Route Cafe killing 7 of the 8 people in the cafe. The cafe was located about 45 km west of Terrace, BC on BC Hwy 16. This disaster triggered a Task Force that resulted in many positive changes.

Some photos from the 2002 International Snow Science Workshop in Penticton, BC

A large avalanche onto BC Hwy 31 from the Nature Boy Path

Photos of a powder blast that pushed trees onto the TransCanada Highway while it was open. Most avalanches in the path follow a deep gully and run over the snow shed.

Mostly photos of field work, plus some of the ice storm that hit Hope, BC at the start of training

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